Watford Chinese Community School

The Watford Chinese Community School was set up in 1998 by the Watford Chinese Association. The aim of the school is to provide the opportunity for the children from our community to read and write Chinese, but also to develop their interaction skills amongst their peers, who share the same language, tradition and cultural background.

Watford Chinese Community School is a member of the Complementary and Supplementary school listed in the Hertfordshire Grid for Learning. We are also a member of the UK Federation of Chinese Schools.

Our Services

Learning Chinese

We teach Mandarin and Cantonese for all levels, for children as young as three to GCSE, A level and adult mandarin class. Please download 2017/2018 School Timetable for your reference.


The way of Harmonious Circular Motion is a kind of matial arts health system, through meditation, chigong, health and martial arts exercises, it can stimulate the mind, body and spirit. Be in the circle of health, join us.


Join us for the badminton and table tennis exercises in the sports hall of Watford Grammar School for Boys during 10:30am - 12:45pm, every Sunday during the school time.


Watford Chinese Community School provides the opportunity not only for the Chinese community but for anyone who's interested in learning the Chinese language as well as the culture and traditions.

We are fortunate to have a group of wonderful people who would give up their precious time to support the school in many different ways to ensure that the school would function smoothly and successfully!

On behalf of the school, a big, heartfelt thank you to everyone!





Watford Chinese Community School

Christmas and End of the academic fund raising events

Every Christmas and End of the academic year, our school will hold a celebration and fund raising events. Not only to provide an opportunity for parents, pupils and teachers to spend time together but also to raise the much needed funds for the school.

We are very fortunate that our parents are extremely supportive and enthusiastic to ensure their children's learning as well as to maintain the school's continuum success.

During the two fund raising events, besides the delicious food are sponsored by some of the parent but also donations from others as well as a few Chinese supermarkets for our lucky draws.

The events are organised by the school's PTA team. Thank you for their hard work and dedication to enable the events enjoyable as well as successful. A big thank you to everyone who contribute their time and efforts for these events too!


每年聖誕節期間和結業禮,我們學校會舉辦慶祝和籌款活動。 不僅為家長,學生和教師之間提供相互交流的機會,還為學校籌募經費。




About Us

Watford Chinese Community School

The school has been established for 18 years now and it has reflected on the many achievements both for and by the pupils. All the school staff and parents have worked extremely hard to make the school a resounding success. We started with 56 pupils in 1998, the number has increased to over 200.

The school is held 2 hours each Sunday during term time. It currently holds 10 Cantonese classes from year reception to GCSE (if and when there are pupils to enter the exam). There are also 8 Mandarin classes from year reception to year 7. For the next few years, will hope to add year 8, 9 and GCSE classes.

There are two adult conversational classes for beginner and intermediate levels for people who are interested in learning Chinese in an informal and enjoyable atmosphere.

The catchment area extends beyond the boundaries of Watford, attracting pupils from many different locations. Mrs Peony Chen Hutchinson, one of the founders still organises, oversees and run the school.

The school is entirely self-funded and a voluntary organisation. It has to rely on the small amount of school fee which we charge and the fund raising events to maintain the smooth running of the school.

We have 20 teachers and 8 teaching assistants, some of which are parents but all are volunteers and interested in community language teaching. Other parents also contribute their time to help running a tuck shop, refreshments and general maintenance of the school.

Without everyone's support and contributions, the school will not exist and be able to enjoy the success we have today, thank you all!









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